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Saturday June 29, 2019


Hello everyone – a quick update on our Pool. We are very excited for the repairs to be finished and the pool to open for Summer. We will announce when that date comes. Our newsletter will be coming out soon with other details so look for that in your mailbox.

1. Lesson Sessions – Sessions are booked for July 8-13 and July 22-27. Based on demand we will decide whether we need to add a third session. Registration will be open shortly – refer to the newsletter when it comes out.

2. Lifeguards – we are always looking for guards. Do you know anybody who is certified? If you know a young adult looking to make some money this summer could you please point them towards the Town Office.

3. Future Staffing - If you have kids who are going to be finishing their Level 10 please encourage them to continue with their training to become certified as Junior Guard of Lifeguard. If you have any questions about the opportunity please ask a guard or Town Office!

4. Pool Board – Yes! It is time – Town Council is looking for a handful of individuals from the area to form a new Pool Board. If you are willing or know of someone again please contact Arlene at Town Office.

Thanks everyone – see you at the Pool!

Monday September 30, 2019


***Notice to residents*** Summer appears to have arrived, finally, and its dry, Again!!. That being said, our water treatment plant is working overtime to keep up with demand. We ask residents to be conscious of when they are watering their yards. Please refrain from watering in the heat of the day and for extended periods of time. If this dry weather persists, we may need to impose restrictions. Thanks for your cooperation. Please share this post.