Welcome to the Town of Milestone


   Milestone is located 55 KM south of Regina. We are a vibrant community and have enjoyed a positive population growth over the last several years. Our Town has many amenities like a swimming pool with a huge new play structure and a  beautiful Rink facility. The Town has paved streets, and a good water supply with curb side pickup for garbage and compost. We have an excellent library with computers available to the public for personal use and high-speed access.  Our school serves K-12. Our business section offers many services and products at competitive prices.

To local residents, if you have any suggestions of anything you would like to see posted on here or advertised please feel free to contact the office and let us know. Also if anything is incorrect or has changed please let us know and we will do our best to keep the website up to date.




This information piece is being sent to community residents to provide an update on our local pool.

Our pool was constructed by Western Recreation about 18 years ago.  The pool design uses a series of metal panels held in place between pillars of concrete.  Surrounding the panels is a crawl space so you can access the outer side of the pool.  The visible portion of the pool is a vinyl liner.  There is a system of drainage underneath to minimize standing water around the base of the metal panels.

Over the years the water wasn’t moving away as quickly as it should and this started to have an effect on the metal panels to the point where today there is very severe rust and decay on the panels.  Western Recreation was called out to look at the pool and give us an opinion. We are happy and very relieved to report that the damage isn’t as dire as we had originally thought as they indicate our pool will be operational for 3-5 more years. The unfortunate part is the repairs are imminent and we will need to repair/replace the pool structure in the very near future if we want to continue having this great service in town.  In addition this 3-5 year timeline could be on fast forward if damage were to occur to our vinyl liner.

Town Council has discussed this issue at large.  While it is a very large undertaking we all feel the Pool is a very important facility in our community.  Depending on what way you travel we are the only swimming pool on Hwys 39 and 6.  Through the summer months we see families coming from Gray, Riceton, Lang, Yellow Grass, Wilcox and Rouleau.  Clearly the service is important to people.

So what now?

We are now faced with the task of finding a way to pay for such a large repair.  The initial estimate was $169,000 plus tax.  It is safe to assume final costs will total near $200,000.

So what do we need from you?

  Our goal would be to see a committee set up of community minded people interested in handling the fundraising for this venture.  Quite simply we need to find people committed to raising this large sum of money or we run the risk of losing the pool completely.

When would we like to start?

As soon as possible.  We realize winter can be a busy time for families with skating commitments.  Ideally we could have a committee put together before the end of January who can then proceed to make a plan for how we will move forward. If you are interested in helping out please contact the Town                  Office or any member of Milestone Town Council.

We hope to hear from of you!


Please be advised that the Towns Reverse Osmosis system has been functioning since Wednesday Nov 15 and filling the Town reservoirs. This water has passed all regulatory requirements and is completely safe for Human Consumption. Delco (the RO manufacturer) has assured us that we are producing excellent quality water and we should no longer require the household R/O units and water softeners. However, it is possible that you may notice some temporary discoloration and other issues (black specks) as the new water works its way through our existing infrastructure. In some areas there may be over 50 years of minerals built up in some of the lines. Thank you for your patience with this project, it’s been a long process but the end result will justify the wait. Please expect rate increases in the new year, tank fill rates to increase retroactively.