Welcome to the Town of Milestone


 Milestone is located 55 KM south of Regina. We are a vibrant community and have enjoyed a positive population growth over the last several years. Our Town has many amenities like a swimming pool with a huge new play structure and a  beautiful Rink facility. The Town has paved streets, and a good water supply with curb side pickup for garbage and compost. We have an excellent library with computers available to the public for personal use and high-speed access.  Our school serves K-12. Our business section offers many services and products at competitive prices.

To local residents, if you have any suggestions of anything you would like to see posted on here or advertised please feel free to contact the office and let us know. Also if anything is incorrect or has changed please let us know and we will do our best to keep the website up to date.


PARKING: In accordance with the town’s TRAFFIC CONTROL BYLAW, council is requesting your cooperation in ensuring that your vehicle(s) (THIS INCLUDES RV’s, Camper Trailers, and Utility Trailers etc.) are not parked on the street for more than a 24 hour period.   The extended parking of vehicles etc. is not only in violation of the Bylaw but it also creates undue and unnecessary hardship for street cleaning, street maintenance and snow removal operations.   It also creates an unsafe play area for small children as well as being unsafe for the general pedestrian traffic.  Also, if you are parking your trailer for extended periods of time on your property and/or on part of the boulevard, please be cognizant of your neighbor. It may be blocking his view or may be causing them an inconvenience you may not be aware of.  Your consideration will be appreciated by all concerned.


Information regarding Garbage pick-up


Council has no intention of discontinuing the composting services at this time. The Landfill will remain open on the regular scheduled days for public use and the public works staff will continue to pick-up composting materials as in the past. Reminder conatiners cannot exceed 50 lbs or they will not be emptied.


When council made the decision to engage the services of Loraas Disposal, it was made for the purposes of garbage collection only. The single stream container located will remain “as is” for an indefinite period.


Part of the decision to engage Loraas was done to ensure the long term viability of our landfill. Decreasing the amount of household garbage will minimize the environmental issues facing the Town while extending the life span of the landfill, allowing us to utilize our landfill for composting, wood & burnable materials and metal recycling.

 Environmental concerns were only part of the decision making process, Logistics and staffing also played and role in this decision. Our community is growing and we are at the point where our current staff is stretched and infrastructure is aging. These issues are at the forefront and council realizes that they must be addressed in the near future. Contracting out the garbage to a third party seemed to be an economical solution.

 As this is a new process to most of us, please relay any concerns or issues to the Town office so that we can forward them to Loraas or the appropriate authority.

 Thank You

The Council of the Town of Milestone