Welcome to the Town of Milestone


As the weather gets nicer the water gets higher. Jim and Paul are putting in long days to clear culverts and get the water moving. If you are backing up with water you can shovel some snow away from the culverts so the ice underneath can melt and drain faster. They are working as hard and as fast as they can doing the most necessary ones first. Please be patient.


   Milestone is located 55 KM south of Regina. We are a vibrant community and have enjoyed a positive population growth over the last several years. Our Town has many amenities like a swimming pool with a huge new play structure and a  beautiful Rink facility. The Town has paved streets, and a good water supply with curb side pickup for garbage and compost. We have an excellent library with computers available to the public for personal use and high-speed access.  Our school serves K-12. Our business section offers many services and products at competitive prices.

To local residents, if you have any suggestions of anything you would like to see posted on here or advertised please feel free to contact the office and let us know. Also if anything is incorrect or has changed please let us know and we will do our best to keep the website up to date. 




 Carrington Court